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Franchise Lead Generation Marketing Strategy

Reach Your Franchise Development Goals Faster

Elevated Franchise Marketing helps franchise brands successfully target and acquire qualified franchise candidates by improving their franchise lead generation marketing plan and tactics.


I'll build profiles and personas of your ideal franchise prospect candidates based on an analysis of high performing franchisees in your system. From there I'll group them into segments or persona groups and can help you build look-a-like or similar audiences to target with your marketing efforts. I'm experienced in helping franchisors in all industries maximize the use of their franchise lead generation marketing budgets by developing and optimizing targeted multi-channel franchise lead generation strategies across print, online, paid search, events, email, social media, and other channels. I'll leverage my experience with all forms of lead generation and help you develop a marketing mix that takes best practices and current market conditions into consideration. However, I'll ultimately build a tailored plan that's right for your brand and to help you achieve your specific franchise development goals within budget. 

Professional Meeting

Our Comprehensive Discovery Process

Our process is truly a collaborative one, all in an effort to work together to improve results and maximize the ROI of your franchise development marketing efforts. 


Just as you have may have Discovery Days to host franchise investment candidates and further immerse them in your brand and culture, my new client engagements begin with a Discovery process as well. Throughout this process, we'll do a deep dive into your franchise and brand to gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, performance, growth goals and all activities that affect your franchise lead generation. This will include interviews with leadership teams, franchise sales teams, marketing teams, your franchisees, a review of your FDD, a review of your customer-facing and franchise development websites, and more. 


As part of our processes when undertaking new major client initiatives, I will come onsite to your corporate headquarters to engage in a full 1-2 day strategy session to collaborate with franchisors and their leadership teams.


This Discovery Process helps give me a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Ideal Franchise Candidate Profiles

  • Company Strengths

  • Weaknesses or Areas for Improvement

  • Future Planned Initiatives

  • Franchisee Satisfaction & Validation

  • Historical Performance

  • Performance Goals

  • Development Goals

  • Current Challenges

  • Company Culture

  • Brand Positioning

  • Your Competitors

  • Franchise Development Target Markets

If you would like to learn more about our Franchise Lead Generation Discovery & Planning Process, including our costs, please reach out and let's schedule a FREE consultation call to discuss your needs.

My Strategic Planning Process

Coming out of the Discovery Process and onsite meetings at your corporate headquarters, we move into the Strategic Planning Process phase. I'll partner with franchise brand leadership to set goals, budgets, and develop a strategic plan that will deliver qualified franchise candidates.


My strategic planning includes:

  • Lead Generation Goals

  • Written Brief of the Plan

  • Budget Development

  • Messaging Strategy

  • High Level Project Plan for Implementation

  • Performance Measurement

  • Future Optimization and Testing Suggestions

Interested in discussing a franchise lead generation strategy? Let’s schedule a FREE consultation call and discuss the details.




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