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The "Peak Partnership" Monthly Retainer Plan

How It Works

I created the Peak Partnership Plan as an affordable option for brands who wish to consistently utilize my franchise consulting services on a monthly basis. This is a great option for new, emerging or established franchise brands, or even franchise suppliers. You can supplement your current marketing expertise while also leveraging an outside perspective that can be a check and balance system to ensure your marketing strategies and budgets are effectively fueling your growth. 

For only $1,000 per month, I will build a customized and fluid monthly plan with specific deliverables that will be accomplished within a defined set of hours to meet your marketing needs. An example of services I might provide could include:

  • Participating in monthly or bi-monthly calls

  • Reviewing marketing plan development and execution

  • Reviewing franchise and consumer-facing websites

  • Participating in brainstorming sessions for new marketing initiatives

  • Analyzing marketing budgets and ROI

  • Reviewing marketing supplier RFP’s

  • Analyzing setup and results of advertising campaigns

  • Creating press releases, articles, or blogs

  • Content development for websites, landing pages, print ads or collateral

Get Started

Why the Peak Partnership Plan Could be Right for You

Even if you have a marketing team and existing agency relationships in place, the great thing about the Peak Partnership Plan is that it will provide you with an ongoing outside perspective from a respected franchise marketing professional with 20 years of experience. As CEO of Elevated Franchise Marketing, I can serve as a freelance CMO that will bring highly-nuanced insights and an understanding of the franchising industry to your strategic planning that your current agencies likely can't. If you currently have temporary resource gaps in your marketing staff, I can help you fill them. As a niche franchise marketing consultant, I will bring a higher level of franchise marketing expertise than you'll find with most freelancers or independent contractors on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

You may benefit from my ongoing monthly consulting services if you're experiencing consistent marketing challenges in these key areas:

  • Franchise Development Lead Generation

  • Franchise & Local Store Website Development and Optimization

  • Consumer Marketing & Brand Loyalty

  • Business to Business Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy

  • CRM Marketing (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy

  • Field Marketing Tactics & Local Store Marketing

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Kicking Off the Partnership

As I begin an ongoing monthly partnerhip with clients, I recommend kicking off the Peak Partnership Plan with a discovery and strategy session at the your offices. Our Strategy Summits allow me to begin building a relationship with you and your leadership teams in person but they are also beneficial in helping me:

  • Understand your company values and culture

  • Fast-track the discovery process

  • Discuss your biggest marketing challenges and growth goals

  • Review performance metrics and discuss opportunities

  • Establish your areas of focus and setting priorities

  • Visit nearby company or franchise locations if needed

Let’s schedule an initial call to discuss your challenges. I will provide you with an overview of the Peak Partnership Plan and how we can customize it to meet your needs.

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Let's have a 15 minute conversation and see how I can help

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