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Marketing Strategy Summits

As I work with clients to understand their marketing challenges and needs, collaborate on solutions and goal-setting, and evaluate performance and optimization opportunities, it's imperative that we lay down a foundation for a successful partnership. A key part of my franchise marketing consulting work with clients is holding what I call Marketing Strategy Summits. These meetings can take place either over the phone, via video conferences or in-person. Depending on my level of work and engagement with clients, these summit meetings could occur once at the onset of our relationship, on an annual basis, or on a more frequent ongoing basis depending on your budget and specific needs. If you sign up for our Peak Partnership Plan, we can conduct monthly or bi-monthly Strategy Summit calls as part of my ongoing services to you.

Why In-Person Summit Meetings Matter

At the onset of new client relationships that involve more complicated, indepth projects or a variety of projects on a monthly retainer basis via our "Peak Partnership Plan", I will visit the franchisor's corporate headquarters, local franchise ownership group, or franchise supplier. As part of my Discovery Process I will hold a 1-2 day marketing strategy session with the leadership team and various stakeholders.


This will give me an opportunity to gain insight on your company culture, infrastructure, capabilities, goals, brand, and your biggest marketing challenges. I enjoy collaborating with various internal teams and using this in-person visit to build a foundation for an effective working relationship and gain perspectives and insight I may not otherwise be able to over a phone call.

Business Meeting

Fast-Paced, Productive, and Results-Driven. That's My Kind of Meeting.

Having worked in the corporate world for franchisors and participating in many unproductive or unfocused internal meetings, I know how frustrating that can be. Your time and my time is too valuable to waste. I ensure our Marketing Strategy Summits are fast-paced, productive and results-driven. We'll go into the meeting buttoned-up with a clear agenda and specific goals for the meeting depending on your specific needs and project requirements. By the end of our meeting, we'll have an initial framework for the strategic plan and a clear understanding of next steps and deliverables.


We'll use these meetings to review key topics such as:

  • Your Prospect Profile– Whether it's a franchise opportuniy investment candidate, franchisor, business customer, or consumer I will seek to understand your target audience, their behaviors, and where they get their information so we can improve the buyer's journey.

  • Your Customers - Keeping a customer is much less expensive than acquiring one, but it can be much more difficult. We can review your customer relationship management (CRM) strategies, customer loyalty programs, and how to convert them into brand advocates.

  • Your Brand– How is your brand perceived and how do you want customers to perceive it? What's being done to close that gap? If you're a start-up or emerging brand, how can we build your brand awareness nationally or in local markets? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

  • Your Existing Marketing Strategies– I analyze your existing marketing strategies to understand your shortfalls and areas of opportunity. I can help you determine what to keep, what to optimize and maximize, and where to trim the fat.

  • Franchise Development Lead Generation– Let's discuss your growth goals, challenges, target markets internal and external marketing strategies to drive system growth, current performance metrics, and your various franchise prospect profiles. Franchise Development marketing is where we shine.

  • Your Websites– I've built and revamped franchise development websites and also local franchise owner websites that market to end consumers. We can review your current site goals and strategies and identify tactics to help drive traffic and improve your visitor to lead conversion rates.

  • Competitive Landscape - We'll discuss who your main competitiors are and how you're currently monitoring them. From secret shopper programs, designing competitive visit reports, and compiling a competitive analysis report, we can help you keep an eye on the competion.

Reach out to me to schedule a FREE initial consultation call and let's have a brief discussion about your challenges and how I can help. You can email me at or complete our easy contact us form.



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